We believe that the best model for infant care is a small home-like setting for developing infants. Our program includes “just like home” activities, such as neighborhood walks, music and story time. The infant play area provides your baby with a secure environment that fosters exploration and the development of new skills: rolling, crawling, grasping and reaching. Infants participate in a variety of activities that both stimulate language development and sensory awareness. Parents play a vital role in partnering with caregivers to develop each infant’s individual schedule with your baby’s entire day recorded for you in our “crib notes” journal, so you have an accurate account of your baby’s day.

Activities for our infants include:

  • Gross Motor Development: gym mats, play tunnels
  • Fine Motor Development: balls, blocks, mealtime
  • Language Stimulation: : repetition in familiar routines, early social routine games, music, introduction to books and basic signs
  • Cognitive Development: exploration of toys and the environment, early problem-solving through exploration
  • Sensory Play: mirror play, tummy time mats, art activities, mealtime

Westfield Little School Caregivers receive:

  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Baby Sign Language Training
  • Training in integrating language development, motor development and music into daily routines
  • Annual continuing education courses