Our preschoolers participate in a variety of activities that foster the development of pre-academic skills requisite to their transition into Pre-K. Teachers plan a balanced day between movement, music, art, and circle time to enhance emerging skills across all developmental domains: Cognition, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social-Emotional and Self-Care. Our theme-based curriculum presents our preschoolers with monthly thematic units, such as children around the world, zoo animals, insects, to provide a variety of learning experiences. Exploratory learning centers, such as dramatic play, library, blocks and manipulatives, are available to promote pre-academic skill development, as well as support independent exploration or sharing with their friends.

Enrichment programs, such as Music, Yoga, Preschool Sports, are offered throughout their academic school year to compliment their routines. Special events throughout the year, including the Westfield Local Library, Westfield Firehouse, or just into town for ice cream, give our preschoolers a well-balanced enriching program.

Activities for our Preschoolers include:

  • Gross Motor Development: gym mats, indoor climbers, parachute, outdoor playtime encouraging climbing, slides, ride on toys
  • Fine Motor Development: introduction to smaller blocks, more complex puzzles, pegs, coloring with crayons, chalk
  • Language Stimulation: circle time routines, familiar children’s songs, introduction to simple games, turn-taking with friends
  • Cognitive Development: sorting objects by color, sorting objects by shape, introduction to categories, beginning letter and number recognition
  • Sensory Play: sand table, water play, painting, play-doh, cooking activities, more elaborate art projects