Our toddlers are forming the foundation for their transition to preschool and beginning to participate in an expanded variety of activities with their friends. Teachers plan a balanced day between movement, music, art, story time and table-top activities to enhance their emerging skills across all developmental domains: Cognition, Language, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Social-Emotional and Self-Care. Our theme-based curriculum presents our toddlers with monthly thematic units, such as family, children around the world, farm friends, insects, to provide a variety of learning experiences.

Enrichment programs, such as Music, Preschool Fitness, are offered throughout their academic school year to compliment their routines.

Activities for our Toddlers include:

  • Gross Motor Development: gym mats, indoor climbers, parachute, outdoor playtime encouraging climbing, slides, ride on toys
  • Fine Motor Development: expanded play with blocks, increased exposure to puzzles, pegs, coloring with crayons, chalk
  • Language Stimulation: circle time with puppets, familiar children’s songs that encourage imitation of gestures and new vocabulary, books
  • Cognitive Development: introduction to simple matching and sorting games
  • Self-Care: self-feeding with utensils, use of an open cup, opportunities to practice self-care routines during mealtime and playtime routines
  • Sensory Play: painting, sand table, water play, introduction to cooking activities, more elaborate art projects