As they progress from our infant program into our waddler program, our waddlers continue to receive the same personalized care and “Just like home” activities such as, neighborhood walks, singing and story-time, continue to be an important part of their day. Waddlers are now actively exploring their environment, and our teachers plan a variety of activities to keep them engaged, as well as to practice all of their developing new skills. Our waddlers are also beginning their transition to a group schedule for snack, mealtime and naptime routines, which allows them opportunities to develop and expand their early peer relationships. Our theme-based curriculum gives our waddlers the exposure and repetition they need. There are also plenty of opportunities for motor development, both indoors and outdoors, and we have developed a safe, secure playground area to meet their needs.

Activities for our Waddlers include:

  • Gross Motor Development: gym mats, low climbers, play tunnels, rocking toys
  • Fine Motor Development: balls, expanded play with blocks, exposure to simple puzzles
  • Language Stimulation: repetition in routines, circle time, introduction to simple signs, music and story-time
  • Cognitive Development: imitation in play routines, cause-effect toys, problem-solvings
  • Self-Care: beginning to practice self-care with utensils, use of an open cup
  • Sensory Play: introduction to messy play, painting, water play and mealtime routines